Kismet on OpenWrt

Has anyone been able to get the latest version of kismet remote (Kismet 2019-08-R2) to compile and install in OpenWrt? I tried to follow the directions at this url:
But it simply doesn't work. There is not even a "kismet-remote" option when you go into "make menuconfig -> Networking -> wireless" to configure OpenWrt. The only choices are the old kismet drone option. I even tried the drone option just to see what happened, but it just gives you the old kismet drone...which is what I expected. I tried other options, but went into dependency hell with the libprotolite-c library. Granted, they do preface the directions on the openwrt web site that kismet is still in development. I realize I can install the kismet drone via opkg, but I want to take advantage of the newest features of Kismet 2019-08-R2. For the record, I was building OpenWrt for a Linksys WRT32X, but I'm not sure it matters what target you're building for.


you should follow up there for the latest and greatest. the openwrt repo has client/drone/server... 2016ish

the kismet repo has remote 22072019 which compiles ok for arm-a15 using master.

find bin/packages/ | grep -E '(protobuf|kismet-remote)'

The page you are referring to is what I was going by, but this line can't be correct because the kismet-remote-2018 (actually it's 2019 now) directory contains nothing but a Makefile.

$ cp -R kismet/packaging/openwrt/kismet-remote-2018 openwrt/package/network

Did you have to add a separate feed to your feeds.conf.default for protobuf? I keep getting an error saying there's a dependency on protobuf-lite, but I can't find any info on it.

additional feed-ing was not one of the tvariations to the instructions.

mkdir -p _z-src-kismet; cd _z-src-kismet

sudo apt-get update || echo "cannot apt-get update" && exit 1
sudo apt-get install protobuf-c-compiler || echo "cannot install protobuf c-compiler" && exit 2

git clone --recursive
cp -R kismet/packaging/openwrt/kismet-remote-2019 ../package/network/

sed -i "s/SUBMENU:=wireless/SUBMENU:=Wireless/" ../package/network/kismet-remote-2019/Makefile

cd ..
echo "CONFIG_PACKAGE_kismet-remotecap-hak5=y" >> .config; make defconfig

make -j1 V=s

#find bin/packages/ | grep -E '(protobuf|kismet-remote)'

If anyone is interested I created a video on how to compile the latest version:

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