Kimax bs-u35wf: Back to stock firmware

Hello, good afternoon, excuse me, I'm Latino.

I have a query I hope you could help me, I have a device KIMAX BS-U35WF, that update to openWrt SNAPSHOT, r9438-9bf63d0.
of the URL

I had some problems but I managed to update and access the device and I have it working.

the update is done to improve the nas system that it brings, but the update does not have that advantage.

query there is some way to go back to the original firmware, or a version of OpenWrt that I enabled, and if so, how should I update.

Thank you for your answers.

Sure, just reinstall the previous version.

Although, I'm not sure what you mean by the phrase "that I enabled."

Thank you very much for the reply.

My question is what is the procedure to return to the previous firmware, I have downloaded try for luci, but it does not load it.

Attentive to your response.