Killswitch expection for AppleTV - only LuCI Web Interface


I enabled a killswitch, which means I route all traffic to WireGuard VPN.

How I did it:

Configuring the firewall

  1. In the menu bar, hover on Network > click on Firewall.

  2. In the Zones section, click on Add.

  3. In the Zone "newzone" section, in the Name field, enter wgzone.

  4. In the Input list, select Reject.

  5. Check the Masquerading box.

  6. Check the MSS clamping box.

  7. In the Covered Networks list, check wg.

  8. Click on Save & Apply.

  9. In the Zones section, in the lan ⇒ wan zone line, click on Edit.

  10. In the Inter-Zone Forwarding section, in the Allow forward to destination zones list, uncheck wan then check wgzone

  11. Click on Save & Apply.

How to make an expection for AppleTV? Maybe based on MAC address? Because Disney+ force me to use real IP