Kernel Warning and Network Drop

I have an access point on the far side of my house that is really only used in the morning. When I connect to the access point, my network crashes within 5-10 minutes. It then comes back and I have no further issues until the next morning.
The ap is running dd-wrt (Broadcom chips that do not work with openwrt), but my main router is running OpenWrt. The main router kernel log shows the following error message whenever the crash happens:
br-lan: received packet on lan1 with own address as source address (addr:04:f0:21:xx:xx:xx, vlan:0)

The Mac address is the bssid of the 2.4 wireless interface on the router.
The AP is wired directly to my router with a single cat 5e cable into the lan1 plug. Can anyone tell me where I might start? Would this be an ap issue (even though the error is on the router)?

Two of probable causes:

  • You have another device in your network with the same IP address as the router. Perhaps the AP has a fixed address, or it is acting as a second DHCP server on the same network.

  • There is a loop on your network, and the same packets that leave the router come back later. Could be a device with two connections to the same network.


thank you for the suggestions.
I assign all of my devices static ips (including the ap). I've confirmed there are not duplicate assignments and the AP has DHCP disabled.

Would it be possible that my phone could attach itself to the wireless signal of both the AP and router? They share the same ssid/password/etc so that I can transition between the house with no drop in connection.

Some devices can connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time, but those devices would break every network if they bridged both interfaces.

Perhaps you could share your config files here.

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