Kernel mismatch for entwares

I'm totally new to building images, so please bear with me.

I've a Mi Router 3G (gigabit) and the NAND died unexpectedly so the router was totally dead. So I installed a 16MB SPI chip, removed the 128MB NAND chip. Then flashed Breed bootloader on the spi chip. Since it is a modified hardware, normal openwrt builds dont work. I have to build it myself.

The ones I built work well but have a weird problem, when I try to install entwares, some of them work but others dont get installed via Luci or ssh.
It says - required kernel 5.4.154-1-ecc75158… while 5.4.154-1-6c77cbc0… is installed. I've tried different branches of openwrt like v19.x, v21.02, snapshots, etc but same thing happens everytime.

All I do is:

git clone
cd openwrt
git pull
./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a

Then I make these changes for my modified hardware:

make menuconfig
make download
make -j7 V=s

I need a vanilla build so in menuconfig i only choose appropriate Target System, Subtarget, Target Profile and enable LuCi. Nothing else.

Can you tell what am I doing wrong?

if you build your own image, packages will fail due to unmatched kernel.

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So what should I do to fix this? Since its a modified hardware and i cant run officially made images.

create your own package repository.

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How do I do that? Can you point me to some tutorials or somewhere I can learn this? I'm totally new to this so all this seems quite complex.

Or include all the packages you need in your image.


Ok that can also be an option. How do I select all the packages I need? Is there any option in menuconfig?

In menuconfig, Under Luci>Applications, I found many useful packages but not all. I need some more packages. How can I add them?

There is a search function "/"

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Thanks a lot everyone for helping and pointing me to the right direction.
I found 3 ways to install packages for your own built images:

  1. Create your own packages.

  2. Include all the packages you need in your image from menuconfig. Not all packages are visible so use "/" to search the one you need. "*" will include the package in the build image. "M" will make the package but not include in the image. You can find the packages in the bin folder.

  3. The easiest method I found is force install the package.

opkg --force-depends install <package_name>

Thanks again and have a nice day.

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Keep in mind that forcing an install on OpenWrt, be it opkg or the image itself, can lead to unpredictable/bad results and is not recommended.


Ok I will keep that in mind.

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