Kernel logging showing I/O errors with NAS drive

Hi all. I've been noticing a bunch of I/O errors spitting out in the kernel log. This one keeps repeating itself throughout the day

[118279.064263] print_req_error: I/O error, dev sda, sector 361996792

Is this a sign of my HDD failing?

If it is always the same (or close) sector number, then most probably this is a damaged HDD. If the sector changes erratically, this could be a connection failure.

I would do a backup copy of that drive immediately, then use some utility to check (and perhaps fix) all the sectors.


Whereby 'fixing' means hiding/ mapping out the affected sectors with spare ones, the sectors themselves remain broken - and usually the damage will extend to nearby sectors in the short term future.


...or just run a long smart test and/or look at drive stats using smartctl from smartmontools?

I/O error, dev sda, sector 361996784
I/O error, dev sda, sector 363124736

Yeah I see other sectors like this. I guess I'll start a backup asap

I get an error when I run the smartctl tool

Device does not support Self Test logging

I'm guessing it doesn't work with an enclosure?

It does, however if it's a very old enclosure it's likely that USB-controller doesn't. You might need to apply some quirks for some controllers however, see .

Thank you. I managed to get it to work. The Reallocated Sector Count's raw value is 16. I guess that confirms there are bad sectors on this drive.

In case anyone out there uses this same HDD dock the command to access smart stats is

smartctl -a -d sat /dev/your drive here

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