Kernel dependency issue (Not Snapshot)

I'm trying to use a package that requires me to build from source - I've done this before without issues (it only supports 23.05.2) so I:

  • git checkout v23.05.2
  • ./scripts/feeds update -a
  • ./scripts/feeds install -a
  • Select the package in make menuconfig

But then packages fail to install on the build version with errors like below. The stable version of 23.05.2 has no such issues though - only happens when I build from source so not too sure why this is happening (expected on Snapshot I understand, but this is stable build unless I'm doing something off)

pkg_hash_check_unresolved: cannot find dependency kernel (= 5.15.137-1-4d407d 5f01a611de6825ef905c07d710) / but incompatible with the architectures configured

there's a way of making the kmod fingerprint same as for an official release, but I can't find the thread / post at the moment.

was it in .config, perhaps ?

Interesting, will have a search and see if I can find it!

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It looks like the kernel package is out of sync.

Does it not work with 23.05.3 e.g.:
git checkout v23.05.3

or even 23.05 snapshot:
git checkout openwrt-23.05

The package I'm using rtl88x2bu-cl only works on 23.05.2 (but when I get checkout v23.05.2 I'm getting this issue)

I also tried to install the .ipk of rtl88x2bu-cl when it was compiled but similar issue

I think it's explained in the build guides.

A little googling showed that this driver is "mediocre" and because of this did not make it into the kernel :frowning:

I used it previously without any issues, better than Pi internal wireless for sure. However, my issue is more when git checkout v23.05.2 that I've got this kernel issue

Yes indeed :slight_smile:

The problem with the checkout will not be resolved as it is a fixed release so it looks like it is something you have to solve manually:

In case anyone else is struggling on this, I found it was to do with the kernel vermagic and this guide helped fix ( - adjusted for build.config rather than seed now

Still may not have kernel compatibility with this approach but allows use of official repo when building from source

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great find, so the magic word is vermagic, need to write that down.

looking for it at the forum, comes back with a bunch of threads.

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