Kernel 6.6 mediatek mt7622 wan issue

Netgear WAX206 mt7622 test kernel 6.6 build 25518 wan doesn't work - has no internet (Spectrum cable), 5ghz wifi random drops/unstable.

Was anyone able to get a working build with kernel 6.6 for mt7622 devices?

Not sure if this also affects other mediatek chips...

@pesa1234 since your gl-mt6000 builds use 6.6 is WAN working?

At least not the MT7986.
I'm using pesa1234's kernel 6.6 build and no issues at all with my GL-MT6000.

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wan seems quite normal on kernel 6.6 on MT6000 (mediatek/filogic)

Target Platform   mediatek/filogic
Firmware Version  OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r25772-1f3e0177d9 / LuCI Master git-24.089.54606~0ecb5ed
Kernel Version    6.6.23
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Yes I didn't get any errors on wan.
It is a simple dhcp client in my config.

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I have two devices setup as dumb APs with VLANs running the 6.6.23 kernel with the WAN port as the trunk. No issues.


EDIT: sorry, I see now you asked about mt7622 not mt7986


Was there any special config that you used for the MT6000 to work with k6.6? (or other mediatek that you know of)

No special config needed for me.
I just built with my default package selections with the testing kernel.

Your problems may be subtarget (mt7622) specific, router model specific, or your build env specific.
Regarding your buildenv, you might re-compile everything after make dirclean, and also rebuild the .config file.

(I haven't compiled 6.6 for my RT3200 (mt7622 device), as it has OKD boot problems)

There's nothing to diagnose with a generic 'no internet'. Post logread output so we can take a look.

MT7621 has known regressions with 6.6 e.g., but that's a MIPS SoC, not ARM.

Were you able to switch between k6.1 and 6.6 builds interchangably without reseting settings? I assume so since it was fine for 5.5 to 6.1.

I'll try to find time to do that. It's my daily driver so can't keep the internet down too long...

I was able, because the are no config changes related to that kernel jump.

The WAN port also does not work on mt7621.

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I ran into this yesterday on wax206. I suspect the issue is with the realtek chip used for the wan port. I have no issues with BPI-R3 and Belkin RT3200 on 6.6.

I was able to use one of the lan ports as wan to work around it.

@jerrytouille did reverting to 6.1 fix the issue?

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Yes reverting back to normal.

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Seems like devices with third party chips are more trouble than they're worth (like BPI R3 mini).

MediaTek only from now on :smile:

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@jerrytouille did you create an issue to track this?

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not yet, can you help? Thank you!

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