Keenetic Viva - KN 1910 OpenWrt support

I wanted to install OpenWrt on my device but when I look tOh my device is not in the list. My device has OpenWrt support. I request the Keenetic Viva KN-1910 be added to the list.

How do you know it is supported?

All officially supported devices are in the TOH

Unsupported devices run Openwrt too, but they're based on a vendor fork, not the official versions.

KN-1910 can be either Viva or Skipper, see
Viva is already supported:

On the interface of my device, it says OpenWrt support, but I can't see my device on the openwrt site

It belongs to the Zyxel Keenetic Viva over there. Are you sure it is compatible with Keenetic Viva KN-1910, I will install it accordingly. Because these two are different devices, you can investigate.

try reading Keenetic Viva - KN 1910 No OpenWrt support - #3 by frollic again

that's exactly what he said, and it's for you to investigate, you've got the device in your lap, not @tmomas .

I understand what you mean and when I searched there are hardware incompatibilities between zyxel keenetic viva and keenetic viva kn-1910, so it is not suitable for my device. If I install zyxel keenetic viva on my device, my device may break, so I'm waiting for the openwrt version for kn-1910

As frollic said, many routers run a forked version of openwrt, usually based on the SOC vendor development kit. Looking at their website there are no links to the firmware or the source - which isn't great.

To get this device supported you're going to need to create the required support files yourself, as this is a unusual and Turkey specific type device it's unlikely a developer will come across one, or that Zyxel will provide patches for support.

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