Kadnode - a decentralized DNS system

Kadnode allows to announce and to resolve domains on the BitTorrent Network.
This is useful as a dynDNS alternative..

There are two kinds of domains that can be resolved: typical named domains like google.com.p2p and domains consisting of a hex key like rf7oulilmg2hs364tjj179e60e9utamiqrdobq1fgod75rq4i260.p2p.
A kadnode instance must be present on the server to be reached and the client doing the request.

Site: https://github.com/mwarning/KadNode/


Great job!

Doesn't look like it's been back-ported, I hope it makes its way into 17.01.5. Does it depend on libmbedtls only? I can't recall why now but I've switched back to openssl a while ago -- would it break the dependency?

hi @stangri, thanks. :slight_smile:
Kadnode depends on libmbedtls only. You can install both libmbedtls and openssl on the same system.
I have packages for lede 17.01.4 here: https://github.com/mwarning/KadNode/releases/tag/v2.1.0