Just want to say thank you to OpenWrt

My first post here using this login, but I have been using OpenWRT for a long time. I lost that email address, but last time when I installed OpenWRT, lot of people on this forum had helped to answer my basic questions.

My router - happily using OpenWRT for more than a decade, died, I did research and brought a new one after spending couple of hours researching routers supported.

Installation was very smooth, no issues encountered at all. I was back in business within half an hour.

This was great experience and want to thank all the contributors. Because this is a open source project, I have also tried to contribute using the donate button on the site.

Thank you for the great work.


Btw would you mind posting which model you decided to buy? I'm still on my old Archer c7's

I purchased TP-LINK AC1750

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