Just want to say Thank You to OpenWrt!

I signed up for this forum for the sole purpose of just saying THANK YOU! to the OpenWrt Team and it's contributors. I have been suffering from bufferbloat on my network for about 2 weeks. Ever since my wife wanted to get Netflix, online gaming has been a nightmare. I started to do some research on this and found OpenWrt. At first, I was a little pessimistic about trying to flash my router because I didn't want a paper weight on my desk. However, once I found my unique firmware image for my WNDR3700v4, it was a piece of cake (no pun intended :wink: ). With SQM QoS, this eliminated almost all bufferbloat and I get an "A" on DSL report's speed test. Wife can watch Netfilx, kids can traverse YouTube, and I can play LoL and Overwatch with no issues.

It's projects and communities (might I remind, mostly voluntarily) like this that bring exceptional technological advancements to systems all across the technological industry which should be implemented, in the first place, by the product manufacturers. If I did not discover and implement OpenWrt, I would be SOL because I just can't afford to go by new routers, all willy-nilly. I am the sole provider for my family of 4 so money is tight but I will, the first chance I get, be donating to this project. What little that may be, I know that it helps. I hope and wish others will do the same because this project/community is far more deserving than anything I can provide!

I would like to ask one question regarding support. As I said, I am using my WNDR3700 for OpenWrt but I have a Netgear R6350 acting as a WiFi AP. I would like to eliminate the WNDR and strictly use the R6350. However, I did not find this router model on the list for supported devices. Is there any chance that I can get some insight on this and possibly which direction to start looking? Once again, I don't want a brick, so I am being very cautious with my implementation and very keen on my research.

Once again, THANK YOU ALL!!! You have been a lifesaver for my networking needs and look forward to keeping up with this project!


Great to hear of your successes! Hopefully someone will relay this to the developer mailing list as well, as many of the people that do the most challenging work don't visit here too often.

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Doing a quick look it seems the r6350 is broadcom based and so openwrt will not work well due to proprietary nature of those chipsets.

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Hi dlakelan,

Thank you. Welp, I guess I will just have to continue to use it as just an AP bridge. The WNDR3700 is working fine for LAN. Thanks, again!