Just installed OpenWrt 18.06.1 on linksys EA4500

I have just installed OpenWrt 18.06.1 on my EA4500 router. I think I still have the same problems described in the wiki in this new version.

(i) Caution: The wireless seems to have problems with WiFi-stability on connections to certain client chipsets, e.g. Apple-devices. See this thread on OpenWrt developers forum.

It's the best router I have had, 1200mhz, 128 flash 128 ram... but I have had to remove OpenWrt because of this connecting problems. My iPad and iPhone used to get stuck here and there when trying to open pages in safari, ftps, etc.

Just to mention the issue persist in v18.06.1. Didn't find any solution online, if anybody knows how to fix it, It will be great to know. Thanks a lot.

Yeah, same experience here. It sounds, from what I've been able to find online, that the problem may lie in the mwl8k driver, which seems to be largely unmaintained. Too bad, like you say this device has awesome specs on paper and is cheap to buy used. But an unusable device that's cheap and has great specs is still an unusable device.

Thanks mc510 for commenting on it. When I have some time, I would like to do some tests with freeradius on this router to see if fix some problem on the unstable devices. I let you know here if I got to something.

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Sadly, I've given up on my EA4500, and have switched over to a hand-me-down Nighthawk R7000 (on factory firmware, since it's not OpenWRT compatible).

Same here. I have tried different wpa enterprise options using freeradius 3 on the ea4500 and none is working right for long. I have also given up. Very good router, but...