Just a simple thank-you

As I tweeted this last month:
"I gotta give props to OpenWRT ([(link: https://openwrt.org/) openwrt.org]- First upgrade after LEDE-project merge back to OpenWRT, (17.01.x to 18.06.1) on two disparate TP-Link APs, connected in wireless bridge mode. While connected to the "client" end, upgrade went flawlessly."

So thanks to everyone that wades through bug reports, adds support for new hardware, writes documentation, strips a couple k of unneeded data here and there, runs forums, whatever it is - Thank You!


Thank you all, openWRT Community! Building on top of your efforts, I am implementing a scavenged Netgear R6100 as my home automation center! Router hardware is suitable for this kind of application, can come for free (electronic "waste") and given given lua, ssh, ssl etc. this is all one needs to create DIY home automation. Right now, I am using ESP32 for the various relays.

Should the R6100 router break, I guess I will be able to deploy my scripts to any other openWRT-supported router (three more scavenged devices ready to go).