Juniper SRX300 / Octeon 3 + BCM Hurricane 2 SoC Switch - any chance to get switch working?

So I have Juniper Networks SRX300. Nice little firewall running:

  • Cavium Octeon III CN7020 - MIPS64 2 cores @1.2GHz
  • 4GiB DDR3-1333 RAM
  • Internal flash on eUSB (size not known since mine died - goldpins header inside)
  • External USB 3.0
  • 6x Gigabit ethernet ports on copper + 2x gigabit on SFP
  • USB and RS232 console ports (9200 8n1)
  • Switch handled by BCM53343 and SFPs by BCM5434
  • Lattice LCMXO2-2000HC PLD

Note: SRX320 should be identical as it adds PIM slots and fans to the same PCB.

It runs Junos (NetBSD based) OS. Boots from u-boot to 2nd stage FreeBSD bootloader from SPI flash, then to Junos from internal USB (technically to 1st USB Mass Storage device, so without eUSB it boots Junos from external stick)

U-Boot is not restricted at all, so for fun I tried ERLite OpenWRT kernel from fat partition on external USB, and it just booted. As ERLite uses Octeon II, USB was not recognized (2.0 vs 3.0), but a few kernel_menuconifg's later I added DWC3 and XHCI... and now it boots to initrd and recognizes USB stick successfully.

Exact procedure:

env set baudrate 115200
usb start
fatload usb 0 0x9f00000 kernel4
bootoctlinux 0x9f00000 coremask=0x3 rootdelay=15 rw

Kernel detects both CPU Ethernet interfaces (first is connected to BCM switch, 2nd "management" is unused in this device), MAC address is resolved properly. Switch is the problematic part.

BCM53343 is Hurricane 2 SoC. Linux kernel supports this architecture as target. Even if I init switch from uboot (using mdkinit, traffic from uboot works), there's no traffic after kernel boots. If I have anything connected during bootloader stage, port LEDs will blink if I try to ping device from computer - but there's no communication with CPU NIC at all.

Is there any chance to interact with this switch from linux? Maybe there's some other device using similar architecture that I can look at?


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Did you get anywhere with this problem, I have a SRX320 that I would love to repurpose

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No, that was just a fun little detour - I use those devices with factory Junos.

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