June Snapshot fix for mvebu/cortexa9

I am new to OpenWRT after being a long time DD-WRT user. I am using it only on a handful of Linksys WRT3200ACMs as Dumb APs. I recently fought through an ugly issue with ver 21 (up through 21.02.3) concerning DSA and its use for passing VLAN traffic for a guest account. I didn't find much help on this forum but did get a lot of assistance from one of the pfSense support folks (my primary router is Netgate/pfSense). In his research, he found in your problem tracking that the problem specific to the WRT3200ACM (and probably other mvebu/cortexa9 boxes) was known and a fix was in the early June Snapshots. I did load one test box with the June 6 snapshot and applied all the same configuration settings I had been using (unsuccessfully) and was very pleased to see that the Guest network via VLAN was indeed, fixed. My thanks to whomever worked on that!!

My question: Is there any sort of timeline on when this fix will make it to release... either ver. 21 or 22? It is not in 21.02.3.

fix commit?

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Thanks, I spent lunch looking for that. Doesn't show in the main website search. Can you please point me to it? Thanks!

I was asking you what the fix commit might be. I did a quick search of the OpenWrt git on some likely search criteria and found nothing in the way of a recent change that might fit your description. Maybe something upstream in kernel.org for 5.10.x kernel changes, but unless you know...

Sorry, I misunderstood. I'll certainly ask, but Steve from the pfSense support group found it and said it was in the new snapshots. I just did the testing and he was right.

Pure guess, but might be something like:
(based on DSA, VLAN & Marvell)