JTAG Utilities

Hi all, It has been a while since I followed OpenWrt. I am currently trying to update several routers to run OpenWrt but I am stuck.

All 3 units I have are going to require that I go the JTAG route. I have pretty much everything I need on the hardware side but I am lost when it comes to utilities

This link I was provided is broken.


I have searched the mirrors and the github site and I don't see this anywhere. Can you please point me in the right direction? If the tools are outdated or not longer of use then what Am I to use?

Many thanks in advance!



OpenOCD is, from what I understand, very popular now. The BlackMagic debugger, either on their hardware or a hack-it-together "Blue Pill" board is also a popular option for hardware and handles many ARM boards as well (with appropriate cabling).

Thank you! Much appreciated.

A Raspberry Pi can also be used directly with OpenOCD but you will require a specific configuration for the target JTAG architecture board and the commands to initialise it and support the SPI/Nand flash


The doozan guide is for a Pogo Plus and shows the wiring required and config files and commands