Java no OpenWrt - LEDE


Simple Java examples, will run on LEDE ?

Like this

//classe abstrata 
public abstract class Contas {
	private int n1;
	private int n2;

	//método construtor
	public Contas(int n1, int n2) {
		this.n1 = n1; this.n2 = n2;

	public int getSoma() { return(n1 + n2); }
	public int getSubtracao() { return(n1 - n2); }

//classe concreta ExibeValorConta herda a classe Contas
public class ExibeValorConta extends Contas {
	public ExibeValorConta(int numero1, int numero2) {
		//chama construtor da classe pai Contas
		super(numero1, numero2);

//classe principal
public class Principal extends Droidino {
	public void setup(){
		ExibeValorConta c = new ExibeValorConta(4, 5);
		System.out.print("\r\nSoma = ");
		System.out.print("\r\n Subtração = ");
		try { Thread.sleep(200); } catch (Exception e) {}

No, there is no JDK/ JRE packaged for OpenWrt.


thanks for the anwer! Have a good day!

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