Well, this is Just Another Bloated usb-tethering x86_64bit image with LUCI + 'what not' (and did I mention the bloated part?) and is provided as is.

(Will gratefully take suggestions, will say No to demands and 'purrhapps' to request.)

"Foodblog backstory":
As a dvorak-user with LTE hookup and being a noob, I had some boulder pushing up the hill to do since there was no LUCI enabled.

I had the parts laying about and did not want to pay €xyz for new hardware. Still have my trusty WNDR3700v2 as dumb-ap, until the need arise for a ath10k-card.

To save others from this first bump on the road I share these starting points:

I do recommend you to learn to compile your own image though, to customize the firmware for your needs. And "of course", save yourself from the bloat.

For a 4-port card, I use a Dell 0HM9JY.
A driver for a HPE flexibleLOM card is in there as well. Will experiment with an adapter & 10GB eth card, (check the issue tracker though).


  • There's bloats of it.

  • Should fit on a 256mb usb stick (install & resize, yes it's a combined-ext4.img.gz type of image).

  • Both Intel & AMD microcode + KVM

  • USB-tethering, works with android & the low hanging fruit (it should at least, test and report. Thanks!)

Since I have a LTE connection, did some tests: (dslreport)
A) Took 90% of those values.
B) Ticked "Show & use advanced options":
'Do not squash'
'ECT (default)'

Ticked "Show & use dangerous options"
Advanced option string to pass to the ingress:
autorate-ingress besteffort dual-dsthost nat wash no-ack-filter split-gso rtt 100ms raw overhead 0

Advanced option string to pass to the egress:
nat dual-srchost ack-filter

Helped a whole lot.