Iwinfo can't get assoclist when sta number over 64

hi, I'm new to OpenWrt, and I meet a problem when using iwinfo.

when wl0 associated sta number is greater than 64,
if I run cmd "iwinfo wl0 assoclist",
then I got "No station connected".

I've tried 64 stations, it works well, but 65 or greater not.

I think maybe my iwinfo version is too old or somthing, and this is problem may have been fixed.

Is anyone can give me some advises of why this problem happen and where should I modify the code.

Many thanks for your help.

Best regard's.

@hxxaddoil, welcome to the community!

  • Are you using an official version of OpenWrt?
  • If so, which version?

Did you build the firmware yourself?

thanks for your reply

I'm not using official OpenWrt, and yes I build the firmware myself.