Iwconfig or proc/net/wireless

Hi there,

This is my first post and a strange question. Is it possible to add “CONFIG_CFG80211_WEXT=Y” to a 18.06.1 make build? I’m assuming I just change the file.

And what would happen? I’m hoping to access legacy command ‘iwconfig’ without disturbing ‘iw’ or ‘iwinfo’.

I’ve been given a bash script to test on openwrt which greps details from ‘iwconfig’ and I would update it to use ‘iw’ or ‘iwinfo’ but I’d rather test it on ‘iwconfig’ first to see if it actually works first.

The script is to automatically pass credentials to captive portal and maintain internet connectivity.


I think it is simpler than that.
Just include (or install) PACKAGE_wireless-tools

Cool yeah I was wondering that myself. Thanks I’ll give it a try later

Yeah that works thanks lantis :slight_smile:

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