It's possible, Install a TpLink firmware on Ubiquiti

it's possible, Install a TpLink eap 245 firmware on Ac Pro

no, it's not

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why ?
it's possible crack ?

why would you ?
the AC Pro is supported here, but hardly by tp-links fw.

I have an Omada system and 3 AC Pro that I wanted to integrate

well, you're out of luck ...


via jtag ?

that's not the point ...

and you should ask Ubiquiti, not us, since you're not installing openwrt.


@LoX - as @frollic has stated, it's not possible. Why not? because they are completely different devices made by different manufacturers. If I said "can I use the assembly instructions from my ikea bed to build my new entertainment center cabinet" you would respnd "no, they're different things." It's the same deal.

Both Ubiquiti and TP-Link make software that only works with their own hardwardware. Their devices can work in mixed environments (i.e. you can use a Unifi AP in a setup with non-Unifi equipment), but you will absolutely need to manage the devices separately (i.e. the Unifi APs in the Unifi Network app, Omada devices in their own app). Or you can install OpenWrt on those Unifi devices and not need the Unifi Network app in the first place (but you still can't manage it from within the Omada software).

Meanwhile, this really appears to be off-topic since it doesn't sound like you're planning to install OpenWrt. As such, the conversation doesn't belong here unless you do indeed install OpenWrt.