Its beaten me , wifi non repeater

The champions of the forum are absolute legends , after mistakenly puchasing a router with Luci 18 on it . This forum has shown me how to get it up and running , i had it broadcasting my wifi and it worked really well as speeds were rock solid across the house.

However we need to move the router downstairs to close a black spot ( house has large double sided extension ) and act as a wifi repeater , and a point to plug an ethernet cable into to run a cable out to the newly constructed home office in the garden .

I have tried to follow every guide both written and video links , but i cannot get my virgin SH3 to transmit through this 32x , in theory it should be possible , but my head hurts after trying all weekend again. I think its time for me to go and buy a simple router with stock firmware as this is beyond me .

If anyone wants to swap this for a factory spec router that would be great , or its available for a reasonable offer ( will do a video with proof of address and show it working etc before postage )

Your all much more clever than me it seems.