Issues with wireguard


I am trying to set up wireguard on my router. I followed this tutorial:

However, I cannot see my port from the outside using

I am using openwrt behind my cable modem/router which does not have a bridged mode. I use the DMZ host to overcome this isse. I suspect that this has something to do with the issue..?

here my firewall rules:

I would really appreciate if anyone can assist me.


Your rule should be setup with the destination zone as 'Device (input)'.

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Just updated this, but it still does not work. Neither the nor the wireguard.

Wireguard firewall rule should be from anywhere to anywhere if you also plan to secure your local network connection (wireless is unsecure).

See my post, it might help:

this tutorial solved the issue for me (i messed up the keys).

it is quite hidden as I was not able to find it via google earlier.


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