Issues with umdns and dawn


I have a router that has a compatible snapshot version of Openwrt in the firmware selector.
TP-Link Archer C50 v6 (CA/EU/RU)

I have updated it to the latest SNAPSHOT version. But I am having trouble setting up umdns and dawn on this router. I am using the default config just by installing the packages. But in the logs, I see these errors.

By default, the umdns config has the option jail 1 and it seems to not be able to set up during boot.
cat /etc/config/umdns
config umdns
option jail 1
list network lan

The error is:
user.err : jail: failed to clone/fork: Invalid argument

After 6 times it just gives this message: procd: Instance umdns::instance1 s in a crash loop 6 crashes, 0 seconds since last crash

Since umdns is failing to seemingly setup, dawn is also not working with errors like:

daemon.err dawn: ubus_call_umdns()=ubus.c@1385 Failed to look up test object for umdns

I have successfully been able to set up this same configuration (using defaults) with two other different routers but they run release versions and not SNAPSHOT. I am unsure if this is the problem that the firmware used is not a release version.

I couldn't find what exactly is the cause of the jail: failed to clone/fork: Invalid argument

Is there any way to troubleshoot this?
I tried the proposed fixes in (although it is listed for older versions of openwrt) like:

/etc/init.d/umdns restart
mv /etc/seccomp/umdns.json /etc/seccomp/umdns.json.disable

But this doesnt seem to be related to the issue I am facing