Issues with the new favicon

@thess I noticed two issues with the favicon:

  1. Favicon with transparent background grafik
    I don't think this is a valid color combination.
  2. In FF, the favicon of the wiki is replaced immediately if I click on a favourite. Not so with the forum: I still have the old favicon in my favourites (despite several forum visits):
  1. I need to think about this. I'm not 100% on board for restricting image use with transparent background. If we do go with explicit white and dark backgrounds, we should also adjust the "dark" themes to use our colors.

  2. Caching problem somewhere - flush and try again.

Not sure how you come up with that idea. I would say 50% of my current open webpages use a transparent background for the Favicon. Any link to guidelines restricting that?

It does depend on the design of the logo. The one for OpenWrt doesn't look good with grey filling. If we go with transparent background, we need a white (or dark, depending on the theme) buffer in and around the logo.

Well personally for me the favicon should not be intrusive. So I prefer the ones with transparent background, more harmonious on my tabs.

The definition of "background" is debatable. The square or rectangular icon is rarely elegant, yes, but having white areas isn't wrong, at all. Here are few examples: WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Translate, Outlook, LinkedIn, etc. In fact probably a very big part of logos include white areas and they don't set them as transparent.

Skype logo is a good example for using a white outline when the page background isn't white.

Ok, I think we meant to different parts. So you are talking about the "background" within the circle and not the "background" surrounding the circle?

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Basically yes. It's a bit tricky for this one because the "circle" isn't closed, so some outline might be necessary like what is used for Skype logo.

Though, I don't know if this can be applied without having to go the whole process of formalising.

OpenWrt logo guidelines

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