Issues setting up an access point from command line (newbie here)

Hi guys! I have recently flashed a TP-Link CPE510 V3 with a snapshot (there is no stable build for this router) with the aim of creating a simple access point. I get the following output from using wifi status:

root@OpenWrt:~# wifi status
        "radio0": {
                "up": true,
                "pending": false,
                "autostart": true,
                "disabled": false,
                "retry_setup_failed": false,
                "config": {
                        "channel": "auto",
                        "hwmode": "11n",
                        "path": "platform/ahb/18100000.wmac",
                        "htmode": "HT20",
                        "disabled": false
                "interfaces": [
                                "section": "default_radio0",
                                "ifname": "wlan0",
                                "config": {
                                        "mode": "ap",
                                        "ssid": "CSIAP",
                                        "encryption": "none",
                                        "network": [
                                        "mode": "ap"
                                "vlans": [

                                "stations": [


However I can't seem to find the wireless network when not connected with ethernet.

I have edited the files


but not sure if any edits are required for

cat /etc/config/dhcp
cat /etc/config/firewall

Thanks in advance for any help!

Since it's a 5 GHz radio(*), hwmode should be '11a'. Also it's a good idea to set your country code and select a specific channel instead of auto.

Adding a wifi AP to the existing lan requires only editing /etc/config/wireless. Use option network there to attach to the lan network. Do not refer to wifi interfaces within /etc/config/network.

iw dev and logread are useful to see if the AP is really fully configured and up.

  • which of course also means the client device needs to be 5 GHz capable.

Thanks for the help,

iw dev shows me 0 packets so likely that the AP is in fact down. Any suggestions on what I need to do?

This says that 802.11g also works on 5GHz as well - or does OpenWRT not work like that?

In OpenWrt, the allowable hwmodes are 11b, 11g, and 11a. The a standard is the same modulation as g but on 5 GHz. Extension to n or ac (if hardware allows) is enabled with the htmode setting.

logread | grep hostapd should show 'wlan0: AP-ENABLED' if startup was successful, and some errors if not.


Thank you so much for the help - managed to get it up and running.