Issues on the main site today?

Seems all tables are duplicated on the page now.


I admit I couldn't work out how to set up a filter to show the two devices in a single table, so I took the easy option and just added a second table! Hence duplication as a temporary workaround. Perhaps someone with greater wiki editing knowledge can correct this for me?

Try changing the model filter pattern to ^(RT-AC85P|RT-AC65P)$

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Thank you. That worked

Oops, I just realised I omitted the parenthesis (). It still works though....


Looking on this page (and probably many others) it seems like the "Supported Versions" filtering is broken.

If you scroll down just a screenful or two from the top you see that the entire hardware list appears instead of just the relevant Unifi-series WAPs.

In order to get to the install instructions & other commentary you have to drag-scroll all the way down past 100+ screenfuls of the hardware database.

I think it is because no filter for the unifi devices set.

Revision history shows it was changed to this on 9th Feb by 'external edit'. This revision history entry only appeared AFTER I had fixed the tables!

I've checked the ToH and there are only 5 devices linking to the device page.

Tables now fixed.

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I just noticed all the tables for the BT Home Hub 5 are broken again. It was fine less than 24 hours ago.

I couldn't see anything obvious in the Revision History for what caused it.

After correcting the first table, the history suddenly added 'external edit' had reinstated previous broken filtercolumn Version a few hours ago.

Update: A workaround for the BT device pages. It seems like the filtercolumn on 'Version' cannot filter on 'Type A', but it does filter on single words such as 'Type' or 'A'. @aparcar

Some progress on fixing techdata pages....

The Supported Current Release and Supported Since Release fields now offering later Version numbers of OpenWrt beyond 18.06.0


I manually reinstating the Supp. Curr. Rel. for device BT Home Hub 3A, but sadly the device does not reappear in TOH. Correction: TOH now showing HH3A. There appears to be a delay of a few minutes before TOH is refreshed.

Asus RT-AC85P and AC65P devices now appear in TOH after I was able to reinstate Supp. Curr. Rel. and Supp. Since Rel. fields too. yippee...

There is still the outstanding discrepancy over how the comma ',' appears in the Version field of the TOH which has existed for many years ?



Update: I edited the Version for one device and the TOH was eventually refreshed with new value without the device page being removed from the TOH. I think the comma is added by the TOH and is used as a single word separator.

Update 2: I've reverted Version names to use 'Type A' etc after @jow reported fixing problem in next post.

The techdata pages not displaying the Supported Current Version field for untouched device


But if I click on Edit button, it does show the information.


I inspected the techdata of another untouched device. This one shows both fields unrendered.


When I click the Edit button:


The "Type A" issue should be fixed, our conversion script did incorrectly split multi value cells by whitespace and treated each word as own value. It only splits by comma now so that an entry like Type A, Type B is correctly interpreted as "Type A", "Type B" and not as "Type", "A", "Type", "B".