Issues on the main site today?


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I noticed it yesterday.
It is affecting more urls today.


today about 2330 UTC:

same with

TypeError: call_user_func_array(): Argument #1 ($callback) must be a valid callback, class Doku_Renderer_metadata does not have a method "colspan"

An unforeseen error has occured. This is most likely a bug somewhere.

More info has been written to the DokuWiki error log.

At least the errors are changing.? :grimacing:

Yeah just want to add my voice to this, was trying to browse some docs and saw similar errors. Please fix.

This was caused due to an update of the wiki and the plugins. A change in the data plugin renamed the _buildSQL function of the syntax_plugin_data_table class. This broke the datatemplate plugin, which has a class that extends the syntax_plugin_data_table class, and has a function _buildSQL that calls parent::_buildSQL which no longer exists. Changing that to call parent::buildSQL seems to have fixed the problem.


Contents of ToH are still affected, or so it seems. Manufacturer overviews work, but clicking through still says undefined method helper_plugin_data::_getDB()
Random examples: works does not

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Apparently there is more stuff broken. Fixing this particular one now exposed another breakage.


fwiw, 23.05.0 change log still won't load. 404 Error. Broken for 11 days and counting.....

Also the device table seems broken. I was going to update the version from 22.03.5 to 23.05.2 for one device, but the fields are blanked, and the list boxes don't offer any option beyond 18.06.1 to select...

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I disabled a data tempalte plugin which wasn't updated in multiple years and broke various sites. I checked the affected site mentioned above and it works again. I couldn't figure out which data is missing now, any ideas?

If this plugin was never really used in the first place I'd just leave it disabled. is working again. Problem was a too low PHP memory_limit and max_execution time.


To clarify my earlier post

The device table is missing 'Supported Current Rel', for the devices I have checked when in 'edit' mode. I recall some were up to date and showing 23.05.2 - I presume automatically updated?

Others were on old 22.03.x and revision histories showed they were 'manually' updated where they hadn't been automatically updated.

As a result, the field is missing because it is empty.

And the box is empty on the device page.

@stintel Thanks for resolving the 23.05.0 change log issue.

I don't suppose you know why some wiki pages are taking up to 30 seconds to load and others load in a few seconds? Update: Wiki response time fixed.

hmm, looks like something is happening today. Wiki much more responsive, back to normal response times.

However, some device pages suffering from missing data or formatting issues. I'll assume "it is still work in progress", and it may resolve itself by tomorrow?

OK for Zyxel WSM20

Device data table for WSM20 not formatted

For the BT devices:
No data
Does not like filter 'Type, A' for column 'Version:'. The ',' between 'Type' and 'A' is throwing a wobbly....
(Unable to edit the broken DataEntry table to perhaps remove the ',' as a workaround)
Replaced with 'brand' Temporary FIX: for Home Hub 5.

And this device suffering from
lack of formatting because it is using an old template. Updated: Fixed
This also contains a ',' too in Version: 'Gigabit, Edition' in ToH.
(Unable to edit the broken DataEntry table to perhaps remove the ',' as a workaround)

I saw the same thing with the TP-Link C20 V4 page.

It took so long to load I had to leave the tab that was loading it, watch a YouTube video, and come back. .

I thought it was just missing information on different versions until I saw your post.

It doesn't look like the recent changes which created these problems will be rolled back (if it is at all possible) to return the wiki to a previous working state. (I first reported problems 12 days ago with 23.05.0 change log)

I presume someone is working on the Dataentry techdata page issue.....

Then see what else is broken.

Can't be fun for them.


@aparcar @LilRedDog

The Dataentry techdata pages have been restored, but there is still the problem of not being able to select later OpenWrt release versions in the following fields.

Supported Since Rel
Supported Current Rel

I could be wrong, but the consequences are if the page is edited, the above two fields are automatically deleted/emptied if they had any value later than 18.06.1, and when subsequently saved, I believe this may cause the device to be removed from the ToH.

Two devices are affected which I had edited before the Techdata data entry pages went down. Update: Fixed. Device pages visible

Asus RT-AC85P
Asus RT-AC65P

The single device page for both devices was still visible, but now currently displays this new error since the Dataentry techdata pages were restored in last few hours:

Similarly, any newer device where support was added after 18.06.1, returns same error message when trying to view the device page. Update: Fixed. Device pages visible

Examples include these new devices.

Cudy WR3000
Belkin RT3200

I don't know whether any other fields in the Dataentry Techdata page may be contributing to this problem other than the two quoted.

Same here


At time of writing, device pages now working where they previously returned 'Error: Call to undefined method' message.

CORRECTION The comma ',' has always been omitted from 'Version' field of Dataentry techdata pages for BT devices.


Unfortunately, it has not fixed the tables in the device pages for BT devices, so my original theory that the comma ',' was perhaps causing problems is clearly wrong....
eg. unedited

When I check the TOH, I observe the comma is still present !

Perhaps the Version field from the Dataentry techdata pages is simply NOT being read properly?

As a quick test, I temporarily changed the value from 'Type A' to 'Type A1'. I can confirm the TOH remain unchanged, showing 'Type, A'.

Correction Home Hub 3 has now disappeared from TOH (like RT-AC85P) when I checked a few minutes later.
Update TOH fixed after adding Current owrt version info.

link to HH3 data entry page

The single device page for RT-AC85P and RT-AC65P has been restored but RT-AC65P table has been removed by 'external edit'. Also the RT-AC85P or RT-AC65P does not show up in the TOH.

hmm, seems like each time I edit a Dataentry techdata page, the device disappears from the TOH?

RT-AC85P, RT-AC65P, BT HH3a affected. Update: FIXED after adding current owrt version to techdata pages.

Update: I've reinstated the RT-AC65P tables deleted from RT-AC85P/65P device page, by 'external edit.', by adding a second table temporarily.

Update 2 The comma ',' has always been omitted from the Version in the BT Home Hub Dataentry techdata pages. It is only the TOH which shows there is a comma in the Version...... hmm, where is the TOH pulling its data from as it doesn't seem to be direct from the Dataentry techdata pages?