Issues Flashing firmware on DLink DIR-2660

Hi - I'm having all kinds of issues flashing openwrt to my DIR-2660. I've been following this page:

I can get the device into recovery mode, however it always times out on the browser (FF on linux) so i've been doing it with curl. That works fine...I get the uploaded successfully message then i wait. I wait ~15 min and ultimately give up and turn off the router and turn it back on and it goes back to the stock firmware.

I've also read about decrypting the stock image, so i downloaded the stock image, decrypted it via the tool, and same result.

I'm not sure what else to do. Any tips/help is greatly appreciated!

tried;a=commit;h=b5dd746cbb1aaf91f4b68e9f3eda97413550d904 ?

there was some information added to the header for the DIR-2660
it only made it into the master branch
so do try the latest master snapshot

I haven't tried this. Sorry for noob question: what do i do from this page? Is there a .bin file I can download somewhere? Or i have to download the snapshot and compile it?

To get the master snapshot, do i go here ( And then what is the difference between factory.bin and kernel.bin?

21.02 factory from

Snapshots are betas.

That's the one i've been using. You saying that one should work? So i must be doing something wrong :confused:

is the correct page to get the Master snapshot
unfortunately the 2102 has not got the model number in the header
and is rejected in some of the A1's & the A2 models
so if you have this boot loader the 2102 version won't work

Ok i might as well try the master snapshot. But you are saying if i have the 2102 bootloader then it won't work and then all i can do is wait?

the newer UBoot bootloader requires the mode number in the header of it's firmware
you can add this manualy if you want

in case youneed an unencrypted 2660 firmware to return to dlink's

@Lucky1 - I've actually tried your firmware :slight_smile: unfortunately i got the same result. Does your decrypted firmware that you linked have the mode number in the header?

yes as it's made my by D Link