Issues configuring nftables

It prints nothing (just one disabled rule I have). Could it be because it's an L3 tunnel that is fully managed by OpenVPN? Because, as I mentioned in previous comment, it doesn't show an IP address in Interfaces tab in LuCI. The "hardware" device didn't even have a MAC address assigned to it by default. I added one manually and it (in hindsight expectedly) changed absolutely nothing.

In the end it works, I just don't really understand what uci interfaces are supposed to be and how do they work. My current understanding is that default hardware interfaces are dumb and are managed by whatever is configued by /etc/config/network (is it just uci?). OpenVPN's tun0 is not a dumb interface and is fully controlled by OpenVPN. Meaning that uci can't do anything with it and setting up an interface assigned to tun0 device does nothing.

EDIT. Ok, I think that is the case. Remembered that there is an "Unmanaged" option when you create an interface. Switched VPN from "DHCP client" to that and now it works as expected.

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