Issue with Utilizing All Cores During OpenWRT 23.05 Build

Hi everyone,

I'm currently using OpenWRT version 23.05 and attempting to harness the full power of my machine, which boasts 40 CPU cores, to expedite the build process.

I've followed the instructions in the FAQ and used the "make -j 41" command. However, during the build, it seems that OpenWRT is only utilizing a number of cores ranging from 1 to 16, failing to leverage all of them simultaneously.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue or does anyone have suggestions on how I can properly configure the build environment to make use of all 40 cores?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

The more cores you have, the more you may fall into dependency chains and their serialization. Yes, the OpenWrt build system is largely parallelized, but there are still choking points that will take the longest to complete (e.g. gcc and kernel, among other), on whose completion the other tasks depend on. The faster your build host (the more cores you have), they quicker you build the small parts, before waiting on the larger ones.


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