Issue with hardware LAN ports on current Openwrt on some AVM Fritz boxes?

A few may recall my thread here:

And there we could not determine why ports 3 and 4 on that AVM box will not work, as in, no connection. @psherman was very engaged. We finally, abandoned it, with him asking I reflash back to the manufactures firmware and check that the ports work.

Well, I simply got an older yet similar AVM box, 7360, and installed the latest Openwrt firmware on that. And guess what; the exact same problem. Hardware ethernet ports 3 and 4 do not work, as in, plugging an ethernet cable in them gives no connection at all. But hardware lan ports 1 and 2 work.

I have not done ANY configuration to the router after the install. I simply installed openwrt, went to luci, clicked login and shut it down. As I now tried to get it online, when I plugged the cables into ports 3 and 4, I get no connection. But I do on ports 1 and 2.

So, can someone who knows more than I do please look into this. Perhaps it's a bug. This is the second such box with the exact same problem. If you want more detailed explanation, then please follow the thread I posted above.

Meanwhile, I need now to configure one of these hardware LAN ports (1 or 2) to get online. Help!, or same as with the other router on the link above?

Thanks a lot.

Describe how you flashed these devices...(Adam2 FTP, or ?)

In the meantime, I would get a managed switch.

Ftp; adam2 adam2

Did it work on OpenWrt 19.07.8? 21.02.0?

Did not try.

If it were my device, I would try it.

That would narrow it down to a specific release...if OpenWrt is the issue.

However, using the site search function (magnifying glass right), I was unable to find any mention of LAN ports not working on a fritz box 7360...

Did you do this test @MK24 suggested?

See picture below, please. Even though we 'see' a connection on LAN hardware port 4, which is connected to an upstream router to the Internet, we get no Internet connection. As well, when that port is connected 'locally' to the computer, as noted earlier, no connection to the laptop. And the ports that work match; hardware number 1 matches to Vlan port 1.

Which firmware are you using to flash OpenWrt?

Factory -


Snapshot -


the above.

"Non working" ports tested with the same ethernet cable used on the "working" ports?

I didn't see any port stats in your other thread...

SSH in and run -

swconfig list


swconfig dev [switch name] show

Replace switch name with each name in the list from the first command.


swconfig dev switch0 show

Post the results.

I will do this on this 'new' install. And post the results. Thanks

yes, for testing I do not change much the 'environment'.

I will do this with the 'old' install on the other box that first had the same issue. And post the results.

Looks like you found root cause (as far as you're concerned)...

Sure did. And thanks for the pointer. I wonder how and when bugs are fixed, also how to know they have been fixed.