Issue while trying to install OpenWrt on my D-Link DIR-505 ver A

I'm writing to report an issue I encountered while trying to install OpenWrt on my D-Link DIR-505 ver A.1 router.

I followed the installation instructions and successfully completed the flashing process. However, after the device restarted, it did not boot properly. Now, the LED remains solid red and the router is unresponsive.

Additionally, I attempted to enter emergency mode using the recommended procedure, but was unsuccessful.

However, the router did assign itself an IP address, which I have attached a photo of for your reference.

Would you be able to offer any suggestions on how to recover my router or troubleshoot this issue further? Understanding the assigned IP address might be helpful in the process.

it's not, it's a self assigned IP by Windows.

if the web recovery still works, try an older image 1st -

Thanks for clarifying about the IP address. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, web recovery also isn't working on the router.

Is there any alternative method I can try to recover my D-Link DIR-505 A.1  at this point?

isn't working as in inaccessible, or not doing what it's supposed to ?

if inaccessible, there's only serial recovery.