Issue WDR4300 TPLINK configured as "Unmanaged"

Hi there

I have set up my WDR4300 as "Unmanaged" and I would like to get it back to previous settings (able to log on using webpage). I can not log on at all. Does anyone knows how to complete a hard re boot?


Allow LEDE to boot up fully. Press and hold the reset button for more than 5 seconds then release. All the lights should blink off and the router reboot. It will have default settings after that.

Hi mate,

Thank you for your reply, yep, I tried to hold the WPS/Reset for 5 sec or 10 sec and not success:

  • If I do it when it is already ON, nothing happens.
  • if I do it just after power ON, "system" light keeps flashing really quick. (already left router a night to check if that would change, this morning still flashing like nuts!!)

I have no idea what is going on. Any more suggestions would be appreciate it.


System light flashing really quick means that LEDE is in recovery mode. You can work with that.

In recovery mode, it is temporarily using default settings, and you should be able to log in (at via SSH. Then execute the command firstboot which will erase the settings memory, and reboot. Now you are back to default settings and can reconfigure from scratch.

It is also possible for an advanced user to fix just the one problematic setting in recovery mode, but beginners should just reset to defaults and start over.

Hey mate

Thanks for that!! I will give a go and post more stuff here. I really appreciate your help


Hey mate,

I was successful to access router using SSH, however I have following message

/dev/mtdblock3 is not mounted
/dev/mtdblock3 will be erased on next mount

What does it mean?