Issue Introduced in 22.03.0-rc4 (still there in rc5 an rc6)

I was respectful and took time to try and help you. To each his own I guess.

@PolynomialDivision would the patch you submitted address the issue I am seeing if I am not using 80.11s?

this mac80211 change has already been reverted and is not part of rc5 or rc6, therefore this can't be the same issue.;a=commit;h=76c5c95d94699d463d505056f858c7a23e4da79e

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@rotanid if this is different to the 802.11s issue which has been reverted, is there anything I can do to help pinpoint the issue affecting me. Reading the C and patching drivers is beyond my skill level.

i doubt you can help, someone needs to bisect the issue between rc3 and rc4, basically this means to build an image for commits between these "releases" and check if the issue exists with these commits.
This way, one can find out the commit which introduced the problem you are experiencing.

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