Issue Intalling OpenWrt via UART in Xiaomi mi router 3G


I have a Xiaomi mi router 3G v1 (with 3.0 usb port) installed with Padavan.
After trying several configurations I disabled http and ssh access in the router, so I can not access it for settings. Only Telnet is available.
I tryed to install OpenWRT on it:

  • First I tryed to enable ssh via telnet through nvram, but at the time of insert comands, as "mtd" via ssh, it says "mtd not found".
  • Then I tryed to follow UART guide; but after including "setenv uart_en 1", "setenv ssh_en 1" and "saveenv" it requires "reboot to the default firmware". How can I do that? Pressing and holding reset buttom while plugging power, until yellow led flashes? If do that yellow led never flash and after some seconds (continuing with the reset button pressed) led shows blue.
    Where guide says "On the firmware run", does it means that I should connect via serial again but wait until comands stops and then start to write?
    If I do that, again, at the moment of including mtd command appears the same text "mtd command not found" (I do not know if it is problem of a wrong reboot).

Thank you in advance for the replyies

since you run Padavan, the guide will not work, it's assuming you have stock firmware installed.

Check with Padavan how to return to stock, or how to reflash with openwrt.

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