Issue in enabling bluetooth in OpenWrt

Hi All,

I have an issue in enabling bluetooth(ble) in OpenWrt.

I have a builtin ble support in my device, hence I don't use externel bluetooth USB dongle.
My device runs on OpenWRT(chaos_calmer) platform. I enabled the below configs as in


I used latest version of bluez package (v5.50).
I tried testing my image, I could not find bluetooth_6lowpan in lsmod.
However 6lowpan_iphc kernel module is installed.I see the below error on trying to install bluetooth_6lowpan kernel module

root@OpenWrt:~# modprobe bluetooth_6lowpan
failed to find a module named bluetooth_6lowpan

I could not see bluetooth_6lowpan.ko being generated in my build directory though it is selected in .config file
In addition to this my hciconfig does not show any bluetooth interface (may be because of the missing kernel module)

Please let me know where I'm going wrong.

Thanks in advance!

You’re device is either using years-obsolete, now-unsupported, open source, in which case you should be working with master or at least 18.06, or are using the proprietary QSDK, in which case you need to work through your Qualcomm channels.

Thanks Jeff.
I cannot change the version of OpenWrt now. Is there any other way to bring in this support ?

"Current version" of kernel-interacting systems and Linux 3.18 are usually not an easily resolvable problem.

Are you using QSDK, another OEM distribution, or "plain-vanilla" OpenWrt?

Yeah I'm using QSDK of kernel version 3.14