Isolated KVM network & OpenWrt guest

I read OPENWRT in QEMU. But I am not sure if this is applicable. I want to run OpenWrt as a VM, use the DHCP service to assign IPs to other VMs on the same network. I create a isolated virtual network without DHCP in Qemu. I have read and read through OpenWrt docs editing /etc/config/network & Dhcp but I seem to be missing something or reading wrong somewhere. Is this doable at all?

Ok but what is the issue exactly?

Use KVM/QEMU + libvirt + virt-manager.

Configure virtual networks as follows:

  • default: forwarding, NAT, DHCP
  • private: isolated, no forwarding, no DHCP

Set up 2 NICs on the OpenWrt guest:

  • WAN in the default network
  • LAN in the private network

Configure OpenWrt as a router.