Isolated firewall zone

Ahoy friends.
In order to get a chinese CCTV system running, i'd like to create a firewall, without access to the Internet at all.
But how can i do so? I'm quite struggeling because of the firewall stuff, i didn't find any really good explanations yet.
Does someone have any suggestions? I want to do so, because my IP cameras try to connect to a chinese server, so i don't want them to go into the internet.
They are part of an own VLAN, and have an interface assigned to them eth0.320.
Currently they are in LAN zone, but this way they can connect to their server.
Does someone have any suggestion how to do so?

Have you tried putting the vlan in a separate zone? Allow forwarding to/from LAN, but not to WAN.


Thanks, i'm guite surprised because it seems to be quite simple.
In the past i've used uci in order to do that, never thought about using the GUI.

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