iSCSI TGT package note available. Is there a way to implement it?

I am new to the Forum, and I did noticed that in sept 207 someone ask part of the same question, but he did not recived any answer.

I am a total noob on TGT but been running openwrt,dd-wrt,Lede,smothwall,ipcop routeur since a long time.

Anyone have done an implementation of TGT from source?

If yes care to pass along the step you used.

I dont want to break everything on my router as my doughter use it for work from home.



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Forgot to tell, I am running this on X86 a itx MB dual nic with 32 gig sata ssd and 2 gig of ram (atom cpu)

You can cross compile.


73 and hope this helps.
k b three v w g

Any news on this?
@VE2PF How did it go?

I'd like to use tgt too (on x86/64), after briefly reading into instructions by @lleachii I have to say I'm not able to compile it myself. :frowning:

See tgt package in OpenWrt Packages. It needs CONFIG_KERNEL_AIO and libaio. You'll need to roll your own custom compiled images with the package feeds installed.

One question, what does "package feeds" mean? Thanks.

... I just found this. OMG.

never been able to implement it. dropped the project and went for another way.
now running an edgerouter X and using the old computer that had the openwrt OS as a file server.

If you're building v18 you have to enable developer mode to get access to one of the per-requisite packages.

If you do a search for tgt in make menuconfig it will show you all the per-requisite packages you will need and if they are enabled. Just follow the chain and enable them one by one until they all say [y]. Some of the required packages also have per-requisites that need to be enabled first. I gave up because I couldn't figure out how to enable developer mode to get the options to show for one of the packages. As far as x86 and any differences, I haven't the slightest so you're on your own with that.