Is WDS my best option?

hi all,

my dad has a network printer with wired lan connetivity only, long story short main router (r7800 23.05.2) is too far away.

i have a gl-ar300m16 with 23.05.2 installed, printer has usb port i can power it from the printer itself (nice ;)), one lan cable goes from printer to the ar300.

so is setting up the ar300 as a WDS client to mian r7800 wifi my best option to share to the printer in whole lan network? or should i look into other protocols? relayd, simple client? mesh seems a bit to much for a simple task.

any thoughts? limitations? suggestions?

thanks :wink:

p.s. powerlines are not an option.

Yes, in your situation I would use WDS first.


Apart from WDS, you could of course run a longer cable to the main router or use a directional antenna to modify the radio wave distribution

luckily wifi coverage isn't an issue, WDS client sitting next to the printer will be in range. thanks.

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