Is USB Hub for WRT3200ACS possible? => SOLVED

Hi all
some advice would be welcomed. I have the Linksys WRT3200 and both the USB ports are used to connect to two powered external drives which act as media server and backup.
The time is coming when i will need more storage. Im reluctant to go down the NAS route as it seems over complicated. Could I attach a USB hub to the port on the router and do it that way?
I ask because the official Linksys support site says No, for a reason I cant understand.
Or ny other idea???

do you mean WRT3200ACM?

if so, i have one.

if you want, tomorrow, i will bring home a usb hub from work and do a quick test for you.

yes - that's the one.....that would be brilliant - thanks!

sure, talk to you then...

Cant see why that would be an issue, perhaps the reference was to a PM? They may not have built OEM with support enabled.

Edit: Port Multiplier

hi, not sure what you mean about PM?

me neither, yet thats what they said in

Can I connect a USB hub to the USB port of the Linksys WRT3200ACM to use multiple devices?No.You cannot connect a USB hub to the USB port of your Linksys WRT3200ACM

could be that openwrt can use a hub, but not vanilla linksys firmware.

well, we will know for sure tomorrow...

I have two external hard drivers and two memory sticks connected through a USB hub on the USB 3.0 port of this router. Yes, it definitely supports a USB hub.

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good news, i plugged a usb hub into both usb ports.
each time, the router saw the usb hub and the devices i plugged into the usb hub.

if you search the output of dmesg, you will see that two usb hubs are created during boot.

many thanks for your support, and yeah, perhaps it only works with OpenWRT....

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