Is Tilgin HG2500 capable of installing OpenWrt firmware

Hi friends. I want to install/flash openwrt on my router Tilgin GH2500 but it is not listed among suported hardware. Any idea if it my router is capable of it. Below is my routers datasheet. Thank you.

Between no hardware specified and "Secure boot with signed SW" it may be quite a challenge to answer that until someone has taken a closer look at what's there.

Thanks guys for your concern. I wish I know where to find additional information about this router.

If you mean regarding OpenWrt, you will have to open the router and get information on the following:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Flash Chip
  • Wireless
  • Switch Chip

Photographs are good too - as well as a copy of the bootlog from the serial console.

Thanks I will do that tomorrow.

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Hi here are links to the routers pictures. I don't understand this picture. Unlike me I hope you will be able to get some information out of it.!AkYPntiYgaFZlGaDt6Wu7jviSYyG!AkYPntiYgaFZlGc9JwDJzUBB-aGS

The pictures are unhelpful. The information on the ICs must be readable. I apologize for not making this distinctly clear - the model numbers of the: CPU, memory, flash, wireless, etc. have to be visible.

This device covers all chips with heatsinks.

It does appear your serial port is labled J13.

thanks for ur effort. Is there any other way to get to the information, like removing the heat sinks or getting log files?


If I was not clear, this is what I am suggesting to you. It is the only way to get the information. This is also why I showed you where the serial port is. You have to remove the heatsinks and connect to the serial port. These are required steps (you can try the serial port logs first).

Hope this helps, best wishes!

Good. I will give it a try over the weekend.