Is this weird network scheme possible?

Hello everyone

I suppose that this network scheme is wrong. but maybe it is not ?
so I am posting here to get your help

I have netbook with one ethernet port on it

and 8 port lan switch ( TP-LINK TL-SF1008D)

Question is`

it is real configure openwrt (x64 running on netbook)
where it can trough single ethernet port connect to internet (PPPoE)
and share to client 01 and client 02
as on picture above

thank you

It is possible, however your switch doesn't support VLANs, so you'd need to have something like this.

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without switch which supports VLAN
It is impossible??

imagine instead of switch
router qtech qbr-1041w

it seems supports VLAN (port grouping)

it can help??

It looks like the QBR-1041 is a very basic 10/100 wifi-n router that ISPs would give away for basic household use.

Practically any router running OpenWrt can be set up as a VLAN switch for this application. Stock firmware almost never supports such configuration though.

I don't think that page has what you need. You need to be able to attach a port to more than one network and tag it in both. This would be the port that goes to the routing PC.


That is what it looks like.

It might be possible without VLAN since you are using a pppoe tunnel, but it isn't a good idea to connect your lan directly to the ISP anyway.

Looks like not.
Price starts from 20€.

I understand about connecting lan directly to the ISP

but anyway can you give more detailed answer how to configure in such way ?

thank you

I haven't tried it with OpenWrt, but I remember using it a long time ago with DSL.
I guess I would try using @lan as physical interface (ifname) on the wan interface, but I don't recommend that configuration.

I found new firmware for qbr-1041w


please notice that for each LANport you can put only one :heavy_check_mark:
so as I understand can have 2 VIDS only (fixed VID10 and one any another VID)

I have very small knowledge how VLAN works

here is how to connect devices
qbr-1041w LAN1 to InternetProvider
qbr-1041w LAN2 to Netbooks single LANport
qbr-1041w LAN3 to client01
qbr-1041w LAN3 to client02

and LAN1 LAN2 set VID1 and VID10
LAN3 LAN4 set VID10 and VID20

and I am not sure here for netbook single LANport set VID1 and VID10 (or VID20)

please help me to configure if it is possible

and second question
if set operation mode of router to Bridge mod - VLAN will be turned off ??

That could work. But you have to do it backwards from what they intended. I assume you can enter a number like 30 next to VOIP once one of the port boxes is checked on that network.

"WAN" would connect to your OpenWrt box. It was intended to send tagged packets to an ISP modem that uses them for the different services. The other ports are always untagged.

In this setup the "VOIP" function will be the bridge to your modem, and the "IPTV" will be OpenWrt's LAN bridging to your LAN endpoints. The internal routing and wifi of the 1041 will not be used.

Leave port 1 in the 1041 LAN so you have a way to log into the 1041. After configuration as a switch, this port will be unpluged and not used. Check one port to VOIP (VLAN 30)-- the modem plugs in here-- and the remaining two to IPTV (VLAN20), which will be your LAN devices. You can plug one into your unmanaged switch to expand the number or LAN devices.

In OpenWrt, connect eth0.20 to the lan and eth0.30 to the wan.

The 1041 will be sending packets on VLAN10 trying to connect to an ISP. These will be ignored by OpenWrt since there is no eth0.10.

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thank you for answer
I am trying to understand

so I am going WAN port connect to Netbooks single LANport ??

and Internet providers ethernet cable to LANport cheked VOIP (VLAN 30) ??

so I need change operating mode to Bridge ??

and one more question
there is no way use wifi too?

I thought you said when you choose Bridge mode then the VLAN page is not available. So this would have to be done in Gateway mode, except you're not actually going to use the gateway part. It's so you can configure hardware VLANs in the switch in a limited way. The 1041 is going to be a dumb hardware switch to combine the two networks onto one cable with VLANs.

Get the basic setup working before looking at wifi. As it is now, the wifi is on the other side of the NAT from anything on the "WAN" port.

no when I change to Bridge mode
all pages are available vlan... even wan page

I was asking that was question

Bridge: In this mode, all ethernet ports and wireless interface are bridged together and NAT function is disabled. All the WAN related function and firewall are not supported.

Without testing the box here myself I can't tell you exactly what it can and can't do.

Like I said try out the basic concept of using the VLAN switch before worrying about the wifi.

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OK, I appreciate your help :slight_smile:

here is other issue :slight_smile:
as I told netbook has only single lan port
so I dont have switch tab in luci
and no VLAN configurations

what I should do to get vlans?

VLANs would be configured directly on the CPU port using the notation eth0.n where n is the VLAN number. Once you are running vlans, port eth0 without a vlan still exists, but should not be attached to any network.

Go to Network--Interfaces and edit the lan. Click the physical settings tab. Pull down the box and type eth0.20 at the bottom to add one. Press enter don't just click out of the box. Pull down again and uncheck eth0.

If you're accessing the web interface via lan you will now need to go through the QBR-1041 to tag packets.

If that works, go to interfaces again and add a new interface named 'wan'. (Important: Do not name it 'WAN') Physical setting for this is eth0.30. Configure pppoe on that interface and have it in the wan firewall zone, which already exists.

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you mean here? custom??

Yes. Make a custom interface eth0.20.

What is "erspan0"? Screenshots show that it's not a default configuration.