Is this VLAN configuration possible?

I'm trying to use VLAN's to split my home network, but I'm not sure I understand the basics of VLAN...
So my idea is this.
There is a router A (with openwrt), with two dedicated network cards (one port only) to WAN and LAN.
This router connects to an unmanaged switch (B) that distributes LAN for the entire house (unmanaged switches and computers).
The switch B also connects to an AP (C) (with openwrt).
I want C to generate 2 wifi networks, one for general use and another for guest use. All routing will be done by A, and the networks must be separated, so that all wired and general wifi are together, but guest wifi has a different subnet and cannot access any of the other devices.

First of all, is this even possible or do I have to use managed switches all over the house?
If it's possible, how can I configure this? I tried creating eth1.1 and eth1.2 on the main router and assigning eth1.1 to lan interface and eth1.2 to guest interface but lost all connection on lan, so there is something wrong here..
Any help would be appreciated

This will need to be a managed switch. The other switches will be fine as unmanaged if they are only being used on one vlan.

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