Is this setup possible at all?

Dear all,

After reading the documentation for several hours and experimenting with OpenWrt I must admit: I don't understand it. Maybe this is due to my limited experience in network configuration. Anyway, I would like to ask you if a setup as follows is principally possible at all:

My target is to use my FRITZ!Box 7412 on vacation as follows:
First of all, I would expect to be able to connect my notebook, handy etc. to the 7412 via ethernet or WIFI (getting a network address etc. assigned via DHCP).
After having connected to the 7412 I would like to configure the access to a local "holiday" WIFI via Travelmate (including some kind of possibly required login procedure to the "holiday" WIFI).
After having connected the 7412 to the "holiday" WIFI all of our WIFI devices should then be able to log into the 7412 and access the "holiday" WIFI vis the 7412 without the need for additional login procedures.
(Finally, I would like to add a Wireguard connection to my local router, of course :slight_smile: )

Is this generally feasible and if yes, could you help me to achieve this goal?

Thanks a lot in advance,


put the connection to the holiday wifi in the wan zone, and you're good to go, you shouldn't really need the travelmate package for it, even though it might help.

Consider better hardware, 2.4 GHz-only 802.11n does not win any competitions anymore.