Is this possible?

I'm working with a retail POS device which has one wired ethernet port. The goal is to connect the device, wirelessly, to a Zebra POS handheld (android based). I'm looking to use the LT-WR802N portable wifi device - it has one ethernet port (typically WAN) and a standard wifi radio. I might be able to make this work out of the box with static routes using the default firmware from TPlink, but I'm also exploring using OpenWrt for this purpose.

The POS device has a static IP and wants to read updates from a web server (e.g. http://x.x.x.x/files). It polls every 5 minutes for updates and if it gets something it downloads them - in this case video files for a wall display.

The Zebra android handheld has a wifi radio and the IP is static. I have developed an android web server that will feed the media files to the POS device.

The goal is to bridge the POS device (which only has wired ethernet) to the wifi on the android. The WR802N has one ethernet and one radio. As an example, the POS device would be and the wired interface of the WR802N would be The wifi would be and the IP of the Zebra would be The POS would then fetch its files from - so it needs a static route to get out from its subnet.

Based on my reading so far of the capabilities of OpwnWrt it appears that I will be able to create this (much like I would do in pfsense on a home router with multiple interfaces). Can anyone advise if, generally speaking, this can likely be accomplished?


The whole point with OpenWrt is that it is meant for routing tasks: yes, setting up static routes is both possible, but easy as well. Also, yes, what you described would certainly be possible.

Awesome, thanks! I'm going to flash an A6 now and start to play around with it. Great stuff.

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