Is this possible: mwan3 priority based on connection speed?

Hello. I'm still relatively new to OpenWRT and using it to deliver 2 WAN to my family while we roam nomadically, moving frequently. I set up load balancing based on ping, but what I'd really like to do is set it up so that whichever connection is faster or has more bandwidth I could give priority.

Currently I'm doing pretty much everything with Luci but I can use command line if needed. Tho semi-layman's terms is probably better for me.



PS: one is AT&T and uses both ipv4 and ipv6, and the other is TMo which I think uses mostly just ipv6. if this is relevant.

There isn't any metric based on throughput, but you can use the check_quality in interface configuration for fine tuning.
Apart from that you can give a load balancing ratio to the uplinks according to their throughput.
E.g if at&t is 100Mbps and Tmo is 50Mbps, you give a weight 2 and 1 respectively.