Is this Kingston MLW221 use case possible?

I’ve successfully installed OpenWRT on my old Kingston MLW221 and it’s working well connected to my home network but I have a 2 stage use case that I want to run past the forums to see if it’s possible.

  1. When home I want to be able to connect to the box either directly over Wi-Fi or have it available on my home Wi-Fi network so I can connect to it from other from other devices.

  2. Because it’s a battery powered devices when I’m not at home I want to give able to connect directly to the device from it’s own Wi-Fi signal and use my iPhones data connection.

I want this to happen in a fallback capacity as in if it doesn’t detect the home network it would bring up its own network for me to connect to (not at home state).

Stage 1 is working well (except for it seeing other devices on the network). I have Samba setup and can access the USB and SD card but I found out today that when I took it away from the home network it no longer broadcast its own Wi-Fi network.

I’ve very new to OpenWRT and I know I have to configure the interfaces and network but I’m a little daunted by the options.

Any help would be grateful.

I think, you need setup 2 wireless modes - client and access point at same wifi-interface, and switch on both. Both interfaces must be in same network (LAN, i suppose).